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What will welcome you to this lovely community is the entrance gate with the 24/7 security guards and high perimeter fences. Safety and security is of utmost priority here. You need not worry and sleep peacefully at night knowing that you and your love ones are safe.  Here’s more: you will have no problems going out  as there’s a free shuttle service available to all the homeowners. 

When you need to celebrate special occasions or milestones in your life, you want it to be the best and heartwarming. Create new memories when you hold the event right here within your doorsteps. CAMELLA Naga gets it covered for you with their huge Clubhouse.  Whether it is a birthday, wedding anniversary, bridal shower, baptismal party or graduation party – it doesn’t matter as long as you are surrounded by your dear family, relatives and friends.  Even small gatherings can be done here – like a regular meet-up with your college chums or former office colleagues or maybe some catch-up with your relatives and family members. Make memories count as you spend time with those who really matter most. 

A large swimming pool good enough for all the family members is also available here. You might want to have regular swimming parties and fun activities during weekends and holidays when everyone Is free from their usual daily routines and can have their own time to themselves. Your kids will surely enjoy frolicking in the pool while you will love sipping your favorite cool drinks or reading your favorite book. Enjoy the sun and outdoors. Time to relax and unwind away from all the stress of life. 

 You may want to walk, run or jog along the jogging trails around. Parks and playground are also within the neighborhood so any free time of the family can be spent just within their doorsteps. No need to spend much time and money to go outdoors as right here – you will have a great time bonding with dear ones. 

There are also landscaped gardens nearby so you can always rest and lounge around. The views are spectacular as Naga’s landscapes are known to be breathtaking like the famous Mt. Isarog. Within the community are all-around foliage enough to soothe your senses.  A complete retreat away from the city’s hustle and bustle. 

A covered basketball court is also in the community so the men in the family can form their own teams and invite neighbors and friends.  Practice your skills in the court and plan fun and competitive games. Playing basketball is one way of keeping fit and healthy, too. You stretch and  flex a lot. This is also a great bonding time as you let your love ones watch and cheer you on your games. Celebrate victories by gathering everyone and talk about the best moments in the games.

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